2. How We’re Built is What Drives Us

    Dedicated, Objective, Passionate, and Principled – A Boutique Firm That’s Big on Experience


    We commit ourselves to your success and to moving your organization forward by solving immediate problems, overcoming unforseen hurdles and discovering additional opportunities.


    We bring a fresh perspective; to challenge preconceptions, to change thinking, to gain insight. Our interrogative approach continually leads to a-ha moments on both sides of the table. Result? An effective, consumer-focused solution.


    Born from and nurtured by large agency process and development procedures, we passionately apply these principles to provide large agency creative results by way of a boutique firm.


    Known by some as the guys who’ve “never screwed things up” (totally false, by the way - we just take responsibility for our mistakes) we live by tried and true principles too long to list. We promise to continue our tradition of putting your needs first and habitually going the extra mile.

    "Our continuing mission is to move our clients forward by providing exceptional creative solutions that strengthen the brand, build customer loyalty and increase conversions and revenue."

  3. A Word From Our Clients

    “Throttle did a phenomenal job of infusing our website and email marketing templates with our new brand. Their mobile-first approach yielded a clean, fresh look that was easy for the end user to navigate. Best of all: the work was delivered on time and on budget. The only surprise was the lack of surprises along the way.” – Suzanne McCann

    “Throttle has worked with several companies upon my recommendation and performed very well in all cases. They are creative but also understand business issues which is a unique combination. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for design/web creation assistance.” – Jeffrey M. Wilkins

    “Always a joy to work with... and the end product is exactly what we've come to expect. Highly tactile design work is something that can be elusive to many, yet seems to come naturally to the folks at Throttle. High caliber work, on time and on budget... Bravo! And many, many thanks." – Greg Vennerholm

    “Throttle was invaluable in corralling 5 distinct personalities, with two divergent design directions into a cohesive solution. Taking the basic design tenets of 2 different schemes and combining them into a unified brand concept, which satisfied all involved.” – James A. Rudy

    “Working with Throttle is easy and fun, but more importantly effective and on-budget! The creative solutions are as good as any large design firm or ad agency in the Columbus environment without any of the agency hassles. You cannot put a value on their creative capabilities and I strongly suggest you give them a chance to impress.” – Matthew A. Grossman

    “Not only is Jason creative, but he understands that the on-line product he produces has to support an intended strategy--in other words, he doesn't just build sites that are "pretty," but creates sites that work hard too, quickly grabbing the visitor and conveying an on-target message within brand personality. Jason absorbed our input, challenged our thinking and designed a web page that truly delivered.” – Amy Skidmore

    “Navigating the world of e-commerce was a daunting endeavor. Throttle provided great vision, design and the needed expertise to make our new web-site a tremendous marketing tool...” – Lori Pisching

    “Brilliant. Throttle, Ltd. offers the rare combination of "high touch" fine art with practicality/usability. For our client engagement, Jason relished the opportunity to bring our brand to life using an approachable, award winning design. I truly enjoyed working with Throttle and look forward to future opportunities to do so again.” – Gary Moneysmith

    “We were really pleased with Throttle's design elements and the simplicity of the site. They were very responsive to our needs and wants, and made the process, from creative to execution, easy on our end.” – Trish Elkind

    “We were referred to Throttle through a large website development firm. They gave us exactly what we were looking for: large agency creative implementation and strategic approaches via a small company that was responsive to our needs. I strongly recommend Throttle.” – Adam Lewin

    “There are no cookie cutter designs with Jason. He has an inquisitive mind and probative style that is driven to understand the intricacies of the business and the markets beyond the scope of the project at hand. He has no fear of asking why, questioning the consensus and offering up an outsiders view for the sake of discussion. The result of it all, in my experience, is a final solution that stretches beyond the usual and the typical, neatly blending the art and the design to create an online environment that is clear, intuitive and functional yet still elegant. If you are looking for design solutions that are at once both practical and impactful, I would strongly consider Jason." – John Krueger

    “I have had the pleasure of working with Jason for many years. He is a go-to designer for me as I appreciate his collaborative nature, creative mind, and I trust him explicitly. Not only is he incredibly dependable and delivers what and when he says he will, the experience of working with him is always enjoyable!" – Kim Proxmire

    “Working with Throttle has been great. They have the right eye and we totally trust their judgement. This is the third site they've done for us - it's cutting edge and we are really happy with the look and feel. We are confident that we always get a truly professional graphic design appeal from Throttle. Only the highest recommendation.” – Peter Givertzman

    “Jason has the uncanny ability to see exactly what I’m seeing right away. It could be that he has supernatural powers that allow him to perform inhuman tasks. Or it could be those fancy x-ray goggles that he bought from his back issues of X-men comic books. Or maybe he just rifle's through my business files and personal belongings while I’m in the bathroom. Whatever it is, it’s pretty amazing.” – Wil Schroter

    “Throttle was a great partner... they delivered a highly professional, welcoming and user-friendly website and we always felt like they were giving their best and not limiting their work by the budget. I know that what we received as a final product was well above the investment.” – Doug Bierl

    “Throttle went beyond our expectations during our logo and corporate collateral project. We got a great look and effective marketing materials to make our clients and prospects really take notice. I continue to hear "Wow!" from my business associates when they see the new look.” – Christina Blenk

    “Throttle worked closely with IPS senior management to develop a website that was not only functional, but visually attractive as well. The work was delivered in a professional manner, within the parameters of our budget and timeline... We would gladly recommend Throttle to other businesses.” – Miklos Korodi

    “I am still amazed every time I look at the finished product. Throttle went beyond what I expected and was able to capture the vision that I had painted for them in our first meeting. For me, the CD layout was more about the message than the look but they were able to give me both and capture a part of my personality that I can't directly portray through my music.” – PW Gopal

    “For someone new to the business of product development and promotion, it has been a rewarding experience working with Throttle. Their willingness and ability to listen, provide ideas, crystallize concepts, and encourage and grasp what are sometimes vague notions, has been extremely helpful. But the best is the creative ideas and messages. That is what we needed and that is what was provided.” – John Kleberg

    “Web site design for law firms is a very difficult task. We had to tell our story while always being mindful of ethical considerations. Throttle took the time to make the site reflect our service-oriented practice of Family Law without looking like all the other firms in town. Throttle's team of experts delivered just what we wanted and needed. And did so on time.” – Jeffrey Grossman

    “Having a web site that stands out and hold the internet users attention is important. Throttle, LTD provided just what we need to achieve both with our TasteofPowell.com web site. The site is user friendly and very attractive. The service provided by Throttle, LTD has been excellent. They listened to us when designing the site and have always been quick to update it from event to event.” – Nancy Buckley

    “Jason helped us design our company website. He brought a lot of creativity to the project and it turned out awesome. Afterward, we got lots of compliments from our customers and it helped win new clients for us.” – Sean Svendsen

    “Jason is absolutely fantastic at everything he does. He refuses to take short cuts and always advocates for his client even when it ends up costing him. His effort has been constant over the many years that I have worked with him and I have never seen him give anything but his best. I would recommend Jason to anyone who wants a well thought out, brilliantly designed, and perfectly implemented brand, site or other project. ” – Joel Stephens

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