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    Buckeye Mantels Website Intro

    Buckeye Mantels (Hamilton Parker)

    Hamilton Parker began marketing OSU licensed mantels and shelves after noticing the growing popularity of sports-themed residential living spaces – uh, yeah, that would be Man Caves. Buckeye Mantels was born and we were brought on as a partner to solidify the vision and create a brand language and interface design for a simple ecommerce website.

    This first release is ecommerce in it's most simplistic of forms. The website revolves solely around the building of a mantel with over 320 possible configurations. Hard to imagine but it's true. It runs on a custom developed ecommerce platform and back-end administration to receive and process orders.

    And you thought buckeye mantels were made of chocolate and peanut butter.

    Project TypeE-Commerce Website : Prototype

    Buckeye Mantels Website Design
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