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    Dewar's Website Module Prototype Intro


    When a redesign of the Dewar's® website was underway, we partnered with Shift Global to create an interface design specifically for the Cocktail Recipes module that delivered on Dewar's latest branding initiatives – moving the brand to relate better to the young, sophisticated, male whisky connoisseur. We leveraged deep, rich, masculine textures coupled with larger-than-life imagery to create an immersive user experience that better connected with Dewar's intended audience.

    The area was to be developed as a Flash module which allowed us to present a cohesive and fluid interface for exploring cocktail recipes. Users may select family brands to view recipes specific to each brand, drag-and-drop cocktail cards to activate recipes and explore the history of any given cocktail. Additionally, the design allows for an infinite number of cocktail recipes to be added via an integrated CMS.

    Ward Eight, anyone?

    This project was completed as sub-contract work in conjunction with (former) Shift Global.

    Project TypeWebsite Module : Prototype

    Dewar's Website Module Prototype Design
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