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    iHeartGarments Projects Intro


    iHeartGarment's business concept is to support worthy causes with revenue gained from the sale of cause-inspired designed garments. Buy a shirt inspired by an honest-to-goodness true story and support worthy cause? What kinda Grinch isn't up for that?!

    When we first met iHeart, they had nothing but a business concept and more passion and determination than a starving Chihuahua. They had us hooked. So, we began work to create their visual brand language which included the logo, business cards and Kickstarter pre-launch site as well as kickoff shirt designs.

    Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the iHeart crew is currently working with Tech Columbus and is seeking investors to bring the full concept to fruition.

    Project TypeCorporate Identity

    Project TypeCrowdfunding Website

    Project TypeBusiness Card Design

    Project TypeT-Shirt Design

    iHeartGarments Projects Design
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