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    Screens Website Intro


    We'd been working with the older siblings of Screens.com (Oriental Furniture.com and RoomDividers.com) designing room divider and wall art products through licensing agreements with Marvel, DC, The Beatles, Elvis, Warner Bros, Hello Kitty, Looney Tunes, and The Simpsons (just to name a few) long before the vision of Screens.com ever entered our minds.

    Once licensing agreements and product designs were finalized and selected, we clearly saw the opportunity to create an online brand specifically for the room dividers and screens that were created. We began work on defining and understanding the target audience to create a logo and tagline followed by this character-driven ecommerce website which is fully responsive and very mobile friendly.

    Nominated for Miva Merchant Site-of-the-Year but the guys over at HeadBlade scalped us ;)

    Project TypeResponsive E-Commerce Website

    Project TypeCorporate Identity/Tagline

    Screens Website Design
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